Batons began as part of the solo exhibition, Entertainment Suite, at Exeter Phoenix in 2010. They are prompts and props to aid and encourage action. 

Shown here are, 
Batons 1 – 5, 2010, copper, stainless steel, mild steel, insulation tape and acrylic sheet, within Entertaining at the Dust Lounge. Photographs taken by Rob Darch for Exeter Phoenix and Oliver Sutherland.

Leaning Batons, 2011 and Floor Baton with Rest, 2011, steel, insulation tape and acrylic, within Rising Cities Float at The Agency Gallery, London. Photographs courtesy of Tom Ketteringham.

Dark Honeyed Marker, 2010, insulation tape, copper, mild steel and stainless steel.
Commissioned for This Matter at The Royal Standard, Liverpool in spring 2010, curated project by Harry Lawson, Claudia Lastra and Lucy MacDonald. Photographs Harry Lawson and Stephen King.

Standing Baton and Resting Baton, 2011, copper,stainless steel, insulation tape and acrylic sheet, as part of The Potential for Windows and Scale curated by Hannah James and Sovay Berriman for the Rotate programme at The Contemporary Art Society, London.

Symbol for Porned, 2008/11, digital image and archival print on paper, 420x594mm, for the publication Porned by Steven Paige.

All work copyright the artist