Drawings for Movements is a series of works that look at how sculptural form can become a dancing movement, a map, an instruction and a sculpture. The work furthers ideas initially developed in Entertainment Suite of the fractured narrative of a sculpture and how this narrative can shift and be reformed to work within a new situation or encourage a new story.

In 2012 Drawings for Movements: A Marker for the Brough was developed in response to 59.14 N 3.34 W a residency and one day public event of a walk across the Brough of Birsay. Both curated by Laura Mansfield as part of her residency at The Erlend Williamson Art Fellowship. Sovay Berriman, Franziska Lantz and Matt Rowe each presented work on the Brough of Birsay during the afternoon low tide of the 21st April 2012. 

Further information and images of the of the event click HERE

Photographs courtesy of Matt Rowe and Rebecca Marr



All work copyright the artist